To The One Who Will Love Her Next.

Good evening sir,

I hope this finds you well. It’s 2210hrs East African time from this side of my world, I don’t know what time it could be from your side but I believe and hope it could be happiness and love o’clock for both of you from your end when you get to read this.

Well, trust me when I tell you that behind all those smiles, all that laughter; is a girl who has lived to hide her tears, and even burry pieces of her existence every time people close to her let her down. She has lived to go through the darkest nights and the seen her worst nightmares. Please take charge of her reality. She’s a warrior with a tender heart, please handle her wounds with care.

When you claim to love her, I hope you will mean it with every atom of your existence, every nerve and every beat of your heart. I beg you to love her genuinely even when it hurts.

I hope you will love her even when she does push you towards the border of love and hatred. I hope you will never leave her even when you get to see her darkest sides. She’s been hurt and her heart has turned cold. I am not speaking on her behalf, I’m just using the exact words she spoke to me when I tried making things work. I hope you’ll live to make her heart bloom again. I hope you will love her even when she tends to be unlovable and shuts you out of her world, because trust me she is capable of that. Take my word. I have 3years of experience in what I’m telling you about. In fact I am including that on my CV.

I hope you get the strength to push on and love her when she proves hard to love. When she’s hard to handle please pull her and wrap your arms around her. Remind her that you are there to stay for a forever kind of a period even when tomorrow feels to be holding loads of uncertainties.

And hey, please don’t make a lot of promises that you can never keep, never lie, never make her feel unwanted. She will love you, and when she does that; she will give this her best. She will fall in love with the way you sleep, and your voice when you are annoyed. She will love you to the core of her world. Please don’t disappoint her.

I hope you never lose her like the way I did. She is a fortune. Trust me she is. Love her when she’s beautiful like spring and cold like winter. And yoo! She’s a keeper and only God knows how many times she lightened others’ worlds while hers was razing on fire burning down.

I hope you will fall for her scars and the tears hidden underneath her smiles. I hope you’ll make her know her worth. Love her as if there’s no tomorrow. Trust me when I say this. The greatest loss you will have in your life is that one of letting her go. Please don’t promise her rainbows in return of dark and gloomy skies. Love her because she deserves it. And make her feel like you are the one meant for her even after all the heartbreaks she endured. She is weak, and string at the same time. Kindly hold her with all your strength.

P/S: She has an amazing mother. You are gonna have an amazing mother-in-law. Please don’t blow that chance up. Because you won’t get it. She doesn’t believe in second chances.

I wish y’all happiness.


The one who saw her crushing.


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