Unspoken Feelings. Part 2

These are my unspoken feelings. Feelings that I keep with me. Feelings that I haven’t gotten time to pour out.

My love, you are worth the wait. I believe you are my one lost rib. Just like Eve was Adam’s last rib, and that’s why she was named the woman. Not because she was a woo to man, but because she was woven from man. She was woven from him… Adam!

Imagine you my angel, so beautiful that the first time I saw you I felt I was gonna spit poetry. You are at least bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. You see, you are so profound. You are not just mine, you are me. A beautiful and suitable counterpart to do your part. I’d love to believe that you were made from my ribcage to protect the heart and so babe you are worth the wait.

Just like Abraham should have waited for Sarah, I actually resorted to waiting for you and on you; instead of hauling with those haulers. I’m done trying to rush God. Being tempted to twist His promises by trying to change His will with quick fixes.

I’m done! I’ll wait.

But don’t mistake this patience for passiveness. I’m just saying that I

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want to be a purpose of patience in your life. To love you. To pursue you. To make you feel like a woman. Yes a woman. Like Jacob waited for Rachel. Because you know what? I wanna marry you. Not just date you.

I’m looking past the present. I’m looking past your past. I’m looking further to a father that I wanna marry his daughter. Like Jacob told Rachel’s father that he was willing to wait seven times two, fourteen years is quite a long time to do, but my love, you are worth the wait.

Or maybe I should compare you to Ruth. You see Ruth and Boaz are not just a character from a scene of a romantic love story. They are a glimpse into Christ’s redemption. Through him we are born again like Boaz married Ruth so that they could bear children. I want us to build a legacy through your pregnancy.

You are a pathway to a multi generation destiny. That’s crazy right? It’s not only our children that you will bring to life but our children’s children. And their children’s children’s children.

You are worth the wait like King Solomon waited for thirty instalments of Proverbs to reach the last chapter. And I have waited for 28chapters in my life to get near to Proverbs 31 on the tenth verse.

Who can find a virtuous woman who is far beyond good that does good and not evil? All the days of my life because you are my Proverbs 31 woman and I will wait for you. I never want to defile you. So I will wait and will never make love to you until we stand in front of that preacher and say “I do”. And until then, I will continue saying I do, I do still wanna wait for you because you are more than any priceless gems. You are more than the weight of any priceless gems.

Your body is a temple and so through that temple I will worship Him. And until then we won’t give into sex because I want our honey moon to be more than just finding good deals in hotel offers and plane tickets on the internet. Coz my love for you is much more than that.

It is the beginning of a beautiful display of the gospel. A story of love and pain and setbacks and a whole lot of forgiveness, cold shoulders and hot tempers. Imperfection and redemption for two sinners just trying to resemble the gospel. And through it all; the good and the bad and the drama, I still want you to be my wife, my beat friend, my prayer partner and the mother to my baby because you are worth the wait.

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But more than you being worth the wait, Christ is worth our submission. Your worth is found in the blood that He bled. He gave up his body on the cross so that you don’t have to give up your body on that bed. Until we are wedded girl! We are not getting any under covers until we are under a covenant. That…I promise.

You see, it’s only under a covenant that we can get into this holy communion, and my body will be given to you. My love poured out for you and we will do this in remembrance of our union. The day we will give up our independence. When two became one. Ironically a couple became a single. A profound mathematical paradox worth waiting to see.

You are worth the wait. And even when we will get married, you will still be worth the wait. Like, when I will be at the door with the keys in my hands ready to go and you still putting make up on your face, and you look at me and say, ” I am sorry, I made us late” and I will look at you and say, ” No, its cool. Take your time, you are worth the wait”

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Now help me to always continue seeing that you are and will always be worth the wait.

So don’t say goodbye yet. I will wait for you as God continues working on me. I hope He works on you too.

Your future ride or die.


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