Hello Tomorrow!

The wind howls, the trees sway, the loose house top sheets clatters and clang, the open windows shuts with a bang! and the sky makes the night of the day. Today is gone. We burry our heads in deep sleep tucked in warm blankets of hope hoping for a better tomorrow. Hoping and praying that the Lord might have mercy on us to see a brighter day tomorrow than today. Hoping that we might not go hungry tomorrow as we did today. Hoping that at least the sun will shine a light in our lives and we may find a reason to live. To live for more generations. Generations of hope! Hello tomorrow!

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Today was full of disappointments. Today was full of heart breaks. Today was full of unfulfilled promises from people I treasure the most. Today a lot of people are fighting for their lives in the hospital beds while some of them sadly gave up fighting for their lives. So many people made the wrong choices in their lives today that will probably reflect on them; on their lives, maybe not tomorrow but someday in future. The future to some might be the next two or so hours. Maybe the next minute! Are you just ready for it?

Yesterday you might have met and fell in love with the most “amazing” person you have ever thought of, but today you are no where on the map to plot your love. Yesterday you might have made promises to each other that you will always stick together no matter what! No matter what life throws at you. No matter how difficult the circumstances might seem to become. But today the string just cut off and you both fell off the edge and became victims of a weird circumstance. Victims of love that was detached by “unavoidable” circumstances. Victims of “from lovers to friends to strangers” circumstance. Victims of a heart break that never was to happen. And you are there beating up yourself. Strings of questions bugging your mind. Why did this have to happen? Why me dear Lord? Why!

But really, are they “unavoidable” as you might be putting it? Or are we just too faint hearted to fight for what’s best for us? Are we just faint hearted to be go getters and instead we want ready made stuff? Are we just too selfish to think of how others might feel after we make some unbecoming decisions in our lives? Are we just too much into ourselves? Are we just too irrational to weigh options before executing decisions in our lives? Maybe we are maybe we are not.

But hey! Yesterday was selfish. Yesterday was full of itself. Yesterday was meant to hurt us so badly so that we can give up to fight for a better tomorrow. Today is giving us another chance to sham yesterday’s thoughts. Today is full of second chances. Today is full of hope, love, and today has too much confidence in us that we cannot afford to give up on tomorrow. Today wants us to make a good move, to make a huge step of faith and make tomorrow a better day to live. A good time to be alive. Tomorrow does not want us to run helter skelter trying to look for peace and sanity. Yesterday robbed us our peace and sanity. Yesterday is a huge thief of today’s time. Don’t you dare give yesterday your attention. Tomorrow gives you hope to live, to make things right. To instill happiness on your loved ones, to give them a reason to smile. To give them a reason to hope, love, share, and make things work out again.

As i get down on my knees and I finally pray, I first thank God for yesterday even though it was mean. At least it taught me and prepared me on what to expect today, how to handle today and finally be sure that I will handle tomorrow. I believe in a better tomorrow despite being heartbroken by yesterday. I believe I will heal. I believe it is just a matter of time and the wounds will be healed and confident to face tomorrow. I believe in love, i believe in hope, I believe that God gave me life today and I am stronger today than yesterday because He has given me the strength to handle tomorrow.

And so goodbye yesterday, hello tomorrow…


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