What Happened To PATIENCE?

I find myself asking this question a number of times. More so when it comes to dating relationships. People want it so fast. I mean what ever happened to being patient? What happened to doing things the right way? Or is it only me who is clipped to this phrase ‘doing things the right way’? Whoever said ‘Patience is a virtue’ knew what they were talking about. Let’s talk patience, let’s learn the importance of patience and how keeping it can affect and transform your relationships for the better.

Today’s relationships are all about money, sex, partying and who has what, when and who can give me whatever I want at whatever time I want it. When it comes to long cues, crafts that require meticulous attention to detail and driving, I’m pretty patient. In the context of a relationship, it’s a whole different story. In my early twenties, I was always one to hurry myself in a relationship. Eager to have someone else ‘complete’ me, I never put too much thought into what kind of person I was inviting into my life. But of course life is full of lessons and in time, I learned that good things really do come to those who wait. Without patience, I’d be dating the wrong kind of ladies, rushing into relationships doomed to fail and drowning in a disruptive relationship. Patience is key to a good relationship at any stage of a relationship. Everything will fall into place, be patient and so they say. As my reader do you agree? Read on.

However, keeping patience in our daily tasks and pursuits, and in relationships are two different things. Relationships call more for endurance rather than patience. Patience in relationships means being patient and forgiving about the other person’s follies, mistakes and short-comings. Patience is required to deal with your differences and your seeming incompatibilities. We find ourselves losing our patience when we expect a certain level of understanding, intellect, intelligence, maturity from different people we deal with and we do not see it.patience

I got to engage some of my friends on this topic and this is what their reactions were.
Michael: I think my outlook on patience is different. Where I seem to differ as I get older is that the things I look for in a potential partners is the incompatibility. This is where patience comes in, to continue dating. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to enter a doomed relationship or to fail. I think it is important to realize the error and correct it and quickly and learn from it. I don’t think you should use patience as a tool to avoid a bad relationship; I think you need to use it as a tool to survive one.

Patience is the key to continue the search. Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and its cowardice. – George Jackson

Nick: I have personally never been a man with a lot of patience, in any area of my life. It appears it is a virtue I was born without, but I am learning (very) slowly. When it comes to relationships, there is no choice other than to be patient as it is something that cannot be forced or hurried along and if you try, the relationship will most likely fail. I have learned that you just have to feel and enjoy the natural course of the relationship.

If You’re Single

Since the grass is always greener on the other side, as people believe, most single people I know want to be in relationships thinking it offers companionship, emotional and physical connection and all those 2 for 1 ‘perks’. Guys! Guys! Guys! Stop envying the beautiful garden that’s being watered. Work on what you have. I learnt this the hard way. So please don’t wait for karma. Because it will teach you the hard way. The grass is only greener when you take care of what you have. But look too hard and you miss out on life trying to find a partner. Unless you’ve put yourself into a rut that consists of staying at home, going to work and coming back home, you’re likely to meet new people every day. There’s no need to go searching for someone at bars and clubs. Go out, have fun but don’t go out with the intention of meeting the love of your life. Things always turn up when it’s least expected…there’s nothing like the pleasant surprise of meeting someone out of the blue.

But then again, ask yourself, are you ready to forgo everything to have this kind of person in your life? Social media is in a very huge mission to ruin relationships. I’m a living testimony out here. Social media almost ruined my relationship. If you are a man or a woman out there on social media please be ready to cut off every other person who qualifies themselves to be threats in your relationships. Because apparently you realize that once you are in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.

Have the patience to wait for someone right and not just someone.

Thank you for reading.I hope you get a little more patient after reading this.


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