Human Relationships VS Time Defined.

Someone once said, don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes. Another person said, they never regretted their past, they just regretted the whole time they had wasted with the wrong people. Who didn’t even deserve their efforts? Time is defined as a particular period or a part of duration whether it is the past, present or future. One should use one’s time effectively and rationally so as to maximize one’s output and learn several things simultaneously.

Time and tide wait for no man so they said. Lost time which is money will never come back. Using time effectively is also a talent or art which very few people possess. In the words of Doug Larson, “For disappearing acts, it’s hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.” One should live in the present time rather than dwelling or clinging on to the past or thinking about the mysterious future.blog_523_01_1

There are two types of relationships according to my analysis. I have decided to categorize these relationships having time as a constant variable in mind; these are Permanent (long-term) relationships and Temporary (short-term) relationships. The liaison of time as a factor and how it affects human relationships can either be positive or negative depending on how they are approached. Before I start my comparisons between permanent and temporary relationships it is important to note that time as a factor, goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.

Now let’s get down to business. Healthy relationships don’t just happen; it will take time patience, understanding with open heart and mind. Two people who truly want to work together to create a true loving relationship and make it meaningful. Permanent relationships have the following characteristics.

  • Partners involved always have the for better or worse attitude and are always ready to make the relationship work no matter what happens.
  • Partners involved always want the best for each other and are ready to do anything to save the relationship from sinking.
  • Partners always focus much on solving issues as soon as they arise.
  • They tend to be on the same page and focus on executing long-term goals than the short-term.
  • Partners are determined to develop each other both mentally, spiritually, financially and even physically. They are concerned much with your well-being.
  • Are always ready to listen to you at any time.
  • When making decisions, they always involve you and they always want you to have a say.
  • There is free n open communication between you two and issues are freely discussed.
  • They are concerned about you and your welfare and so they always want to know about you and how you are doing and therefore they always want to keep in touch.
  • They need you more than they want you.
  • They tend to focus more on your strengths and always ready to help you deal with your weaknesses.

On the contrary, temporary relationships have the following characteristics.

  • They focus more on their interests than yours and their views matter the most in various decision-making instances.
  • Focus more on your weaknesses when you happen to make mistakes. Forgetting that we actually learn from our own mistakes.
  • They never tell you when you are going wrong and they always tend to shy away from telling you the truth. They will always pressure you into making decisions without considering the consequences.
  • They never care about your well-being and you emotional, spiritual and mental stability is never a concern to them. This is because they don’t just care.
  • These are partners who will break up with you and want you back again, break up with you again and claim to want you back repeatedly.
  • They will always play the victim after making mistakes or rather they never accept or conform to their mistakes. They will always make mistakes and push blames on you.
  • They will always want instant things while they are not really ready to go through the process of obtaining what they want.

When it comes to making time for the people in our lives that we want to maintain a steady relationship with, we must be willing to make sacrifices sometimes. No one knows what the future holds or has in store for all of us.

imagesLasting love is the love that never ends or fades. Lasting love prevails till eternity and grows stronger as time progresses. Time will pass but lasting love is there to stay.Love can be lasting if both the partners involved have a great sense of understanding between them and are mutually compatible. Love can last between two people if they continue loving each other with the same intensity and fervor.

The only way to keep a relationship alive and going is by including God in everything you do. I mean it will reach a time where that love will fade but at least one strong factor that will last between two parties and that’s God. You should let God be the author of your relationship.

-Ayoo Oyugi(2015)

Love only fades when the partners don’t share the same vision, purpose, interests, likings etc. You certainly cannot make sure whether someone’s love for you will last forever. People who experience lasting love are the most privileged and blessed human beings on earth. It is great to be loved and be a part of a successful relationship which stands the test of time and steers its ways through all the adversities. Lasting love is a rare occurrence these days but certainly one of the very special experiences that anyone can have. Lasting love is all about the two partners involved and their level of commitment towards each other which makes it happen with God being their core foundation in their relationship.

What’s the point of dating a partner who hasn’t made it right with God? You will never go anywhere. Sorry to say that but, a believer dating a non believer is like flying a plane in water.

Past is history so stop meditating on the past.Future is mystery and present is the present or the gift of God. So, make the most of the time in hand. In the words of William Faulkner, “Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.”index

As I put my pen down and sign off I want to leave you with a single advice; Mind who you call your friend or rather who you fall in love with. Not those who call me Father Father will enter my kingdom…Not those who call you friend friend are really your friends. Be careful. Choose wisely. WISH ALL THE BEST!

Thank you for reading. Cheers!


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