Drop Peace And Not Bombs.

I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul and to me, this has always been enough. As I put my brains together to interpret my thoughts in black and white this evening, I want to dedicate these thoughts to the Almighty Father, hoping that they will speak sense and peace to an innocent life out there.

This is for that young youth who lacks fees to pursue their dreams in either high school or college, for that politician who hackles around in parliament and around parliamentary buildings and then fails to perform his duties as a leader, that teacher who fails to attend classes, runs along the streets raising slogans and chanting phrases tagged ‘haki yetu’ and expects their students to pass the tests that they will issue at the end of every academic term or rather semester. This is for that doctor who chants slogans in the streets leaving patients to die in the hospital beds; simply because his salary did not reflect on his account on time. And by the way, whoever started that ‘haki yetu’ initiative must have spent a lot of their time on deep thoughts. That guy should be a billionaire by now; earning royalties and copyright claims to that slogan from the relevant authorities. Jopuony1102015

We live in a country. A country is nothing without the citizens and by the citizens I mean you and me. Yes! I meant you. I am not who I am without you. This country is nothing without you and me. We are the nation. Kenya; my nation, my mother land, my people, my home. For the last 25 years, I’ve lived to learn that we are 42 tribes united by one God, governed by laws and principles of the land.

Have you ever asked yourself where our lives are destined to be? Have you ever asked yourself why you are where you are today? Are you contented with where you are? And if not, what are you doing to get out of that cocoon? Have you ever asked yourself why you are in Kenya and not any other country? Do you think that it is by accident that you are a citizen of this country called Kenya? No! But citizen or not, all you have to get in mind is that; you are here for a purpose, for a season and for a reason. Why shouldn’t you just serve your purpose and when the Lord calls you home, you call it quits and just go in peace?images

Today I’ve decided to take a smooth turn. I guess it’s a smooth wrong turn and it might cause havoc ahead but who cares? a turn to call on other people and mobilize them to take this same turn. Let’s just try to drop peace and not bombs! We have a corrupt government but we still smile about it; because we might all end up going mad if we would take this issue seriously. Why do I insist that we are being governed by a corrupt government? Ok stay with me.

To begin with, let’s take a tour around these insecurity issues. How many innocent lives have we lost due to issues on insecurity? It all started with the 1998 Bomb blast at the Co-operative bank building now best known by most citizens as the ‘bomb blast’ building. Then came the Westgate terror attack that consumed a lot of lives; people from all kinds of races and tribes from Indians to Europeans to Africans were affected and few weeks ago it was the Garrissa Massacre. You might think that this could be a tribal based war but I guess you are wrong.haki-yetu

Other than that, we have encountered these minor terror attacks on different regions like Eastleigh, Gikomba, Mombasa,Kapedo and God knows the rest. This is a war that is entirely very busy fighting the government one-on-one. Before this ‘Jubilee’ error, you could hear quotes like…“We, have heard what has happened, let it be known that we will launch a probe and we will not rest till we know what these terrorists want and why they are doing these terror acts..’’ or others like, “My government is very disappointed and displeased by the recent occurrences of terrorism, and we condemn these act with the strongest words possible..” They tend to condemn those terror attacks with the strongest words possible but then again, let’s face the reality. Words never drive away terrorism but the government’s actions to curb terrorism do. I believe there is something that is missing somewhere and that’s why such attacks are on this nation; and someone somewhere is accountable for all these.

But what makes me sicker is that the government gets these terror threats prior the actual D-day, they even go viral and reach the ears of the public but what actions do they take? Nothing, but to heckle around the press. I wish our leaders would take more time to solve these issues affecting the public than to misuse this time inciting the public and talking. Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge. At the end of the day every government official is comfortably marching to the bank to earn their share of the cake and what then happens to the common mwananchi who must go to Gikomba market to hawk their goods around to earn a little coin that will sustain them for only that day?

Out of the very many riot solving actions, I’ve never heard of young pupils being driven away by spraying tear gasses all over the streets. This was until I came across the Langata Primary school pupils being tear gassed around their own compound while claiming what was rightly theirs. What was the reason behind all these? Government officials’ corruption! My question still remains unanswered; what loss will we go as a country if we could only kick off this enemy called corruption out of this nation?

What loss would we go if we could only put an effort in kicking out tribalism in this nation? I have a friend who had all the qualifications for a particular job in the government sector and he simply could not earn the job because his names betrayed him.

My aim for this article today is not to fire anyone in public but to try bringing people to a point of realization that we are Kenyans and we all deserve an equal share of the cake in everywhere we go across and around this nation.1 For us to be where we want, we really have to fight for or rather work hard towards achieving what we want. We have to keep our eyes on the price. For countries such as The United States Of America to be where they are today, or China or even the Great Britain, they had to fight for and against a number of things. Let’s stop fighting for royalty but fight for change. A change that will benefit the fourth coming generation because as a matter of fact whatever these countries that we tend to admire are enjoying, were all fought for by the earlier generation.

As I come to a point of writing my conclusion, I’d like to finally say that we need to stop inciting the public as politicians. We as the public, we need to reach a point of self actualization and realize our purpose in this world. Let’s drop peace and not bombs. Let’s cultivate peace, love and unity amongst ourselves. Let’s lead by example. Peace starts with you and me. Be that light in every person’s life. When we fight as brothers and sisters, when we hate one another as neighbors because a politician said something that provokes us and we fight, we will be allowing ourselves to be used by these political icons as instruments of assassination.silent-in-evil_thumb1


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