Would you ever visit a dentist who doesn’t brush? Or hire a financial adviser who doesn’t invest his or her own money? I hope not – so why on earth would anybody hire a public relations professional who doesn’t maintain and promote his or her personal brand? The industry is inundated with practitioners who have never spoken to the media as an expert, do not blog and have an insignificant social media presence. It’s bad for the industry, and it highlights the need for PR pros to prove they believe in the services they provide.

It is in the same way that I pose this question to the rightful minded individuals who are in relationships. Would you ever love someone who doesn’t love you back equally the same way as you do? Or give your attention to someone who doesn’t listen to you? Would you give your heart to someone you can’t trust with it? Not one of the persons out of the six personalities that I once posed this question to, actually gave me a Yes. Relationships are a very complex issue. What am I trying to say? It’s this simple…this relationship thing is two-way traffic. Just like the corporate world, investors are attracted to profit worthy kind of investments. They want to invest in businesses that will plough back profits and even bring in more money. Nobody wants to put his money where it’s probably not going to bear any fruits. No one wants to involve his/her heart where it will end up broken.huswife

A good business doesn’t only make money. A good business should be able to build you career wise, mentally and even spiritually. In a nut shell, it’s not all about the money at the end of the day. It’s all about the difference it creates in your life. So just as the business in the corporate world, relationships are the same. You need a relationship that not only will it bring pleasure to you, but will be able to transform you and make you a better person. A relationship that will build you positively and make you someone more adorable.

By the time I earned my diploma, I had been interviewed in both television and radio broadcast. Those media placements had thrust me into the PR world with experience speaking to the media as a source rather than as a publicist. I felt the same combination of fear and excitement that many experts feel when they begin speaking with the media, and I cannot imagine advising a client without having experienced it myself. It’s so normal of us to get super excited when we get new jobs in new companies.

Nothing is as good as working in that new suitable environment, new boss, and new work colleagues and above it all a clearly new company. Why this? Because we cheat ourselves that no one knows our weaknesses.And of course no one clearly knows us in that new environment. We end up being carried away by excitement that we even forget that we are there to perform and that we need to transform the company by bringing foward the ‘A’ game! What then happens when we fail to perform?It is the same way we get into relationships.

People get into relationships with a lot of high expectations. This is the main reason we end up living a life full of disappointments. You raise your expectations and end up forgetting that you are in this together with your partner.As much as you need attention and all that care, please don’t forget that your partner needs it too. They say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, but what they fail to tell us is who built it. It wasn’t built by one person! That I’m so sure of. I clearly don’t know who built Rome but I know it is team work that built Rome. Relationships are all about team work, togetherness, unity and one spirit.CoupleLayingInFieldGrass

As the PR industry continues to latch onto social media, it is imperative to look at who is giving out the advice. How can a flack with a small Twitter following properly advise a client on how to build a successful account? Being in PR does not necessarily qualify a person to provide social media advice neither is being in broadcast media. Their own social media presence reveals their qualifications or lack thereof.

Blogging has also become a foundation for sharing thought leadership and boosting digital engagement, yet remarkably, many in the industry choose not to write posts at all. This is perhaps the most troubling trend because it shows a personal apathy towards sharing thought leadership. If it’s not worth your time, why is it worth your client’s time? If a relationship is not worth your time, do you expect it to be worth your partner’s? Again if your partner doesn’t get your attention, do you expect to get his/hers?

This critique is meant to be a call to action. PR pros need to maintain and promote their own brands by the same standards they set forth for clients. Your personal brand is one of your most valuable professional assets, and you should build and leverage it to grow your career and inspire the professionals you represent. People involved in relationships on the other hand need to know what they are getting themselves into. You need to stand for your partners, treat them well and grow your relationships. You don’t judge your partner by their weaknesses, yet by their workforce that they apply to make the relationship work. You don’t quit your job because the company failed to make profits and your boss did not give pay on time. Instead you persevere. Relationships need perseverance and patience as virtues.

Preston Waters once said,

Let go of relationships that do not serve you. That means negative people, dishonest people, people who don’t respect you, people who are overly critical and relationships that prevent you from growing. You can’t grow as a person, if you don’t have people in your life who want to grow with you.

Let’s put our personal interests and greed aside and focus on building our personal brands and that’s our relationships for the betterment of our partners. Let’s practice what we preach. Thank you for reading.



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    1. Thank you so much Mr. David.Im glad to hear such complements and encouraging words from you.You make me feel more inspired and I want to write you more and more glad.Thank you so very much.


    1. Thank you so much Mercy.Im so much glad you loved this piece…Im moved by your positive comments.God bless!cheers!!


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