Love, Life, God and Relationships.

They say love is blind; I say love is a gift given by the Almighty God. A gift is an asset and so is love. Whatever you decide to do with it really determines much on whether it’s blind or not. Whatever circumstances we undergo in our daily lives, really determine our attitude and actions towards the people around us.

According to Psymo, 24, a Londyn-1373professional TV program producer in a prominent local media house, love is what you give and not what you receive. Biblical quotations go with the slogan that “God is love”, scholars however say that Love is blind; but actually how long can we hold back to the notion of love being blind?

The media has played a greater role in tilting the society’s mindset when it comes to love and relationships. Relationships have really transformed and have been given a different approach today. Considering the fact that in the early days, in traditional African society, a man could be given a woman from nowhere and they could easily intertwine and marry to live together as one and even raise children. My question still arises whenever I hear the fact that a woman could be brought from nowhere and given to a man whom she didn’t even know about, had no idea about or rather had never met in her entire life. I mean, how could this happen?

People have their own choices when it comes to the choosing of partners today. Everybody has his or her own reasons as to why they chose to be with someone. According to statistics, it is said that ladies look at a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing the man whom they want to date and so is men. A lady would look at a man’s physic, his mode of dressing (swag), economic status and the kind of job he does and so is some men too. These factors might be positive according to any upright thinking individual but the question I pause to the concerned is; for how long will your dream man hold that big job that he currently has? For how long will his broad chest last to be as broad as it is? For how long will she hold that beautiful hair on her head? What of the beautiful figure that you get obsessed about every minute you think about her?

What will really happen when all these features are wiped off by age? Does it mean that we stop giving our love to our partners because the features we purport to like in them are wiped away by unavoidable circumstances? My point is, will we love our partners even when we are enduring the most difficult circumstances in life? Will you still give your love to that lady who earlier had the best figure on earth but time and other factors wiped the figure off? Don’t answer that question right now. Just stay with me and keep reading.

The Christian holy book, simply advises husbands to love their wives like Christ loved the church. How did Christ love the church? From the few verses I’ve read from the Christian holy book; bible, it explains that He gave unconditional love to the church. In a nut shell, we should give unconditional love to our spouses. Unconditional love is simply love without measure, love that sees more positives than negatives, love that is slow to anger, love that praise more than it curses. This is love that encourages more than it discourages. The one that does not envy but gives hope despite the difficult situations, all for a better tomorrow.images v

Let’s cut to the chase now. People can be obsessed with love, sex and relationships. Most of us are infatuated with infatuation and the majority of the most popular records of the last forty or fifty years are about some type of romantic love. Out of all the music, articles and movies that aired, the most popular ones in both the electronic and print media are the ones about love sex and relationships. Someone asked me one time, “Do you get annoyed when people ask you more questions about love and relationships than they do about Christ and the gospel?” Annoyed? No! Surprised? Definitely not. Now, I could say that we are obsessed with love, sex and relationships because the culture at large conspired to push this to us. From the Disney movies as kids we are made to understand that romantic love is the highest achievement in life. We could just be obsessed with it because we are selfish and we just want to know what is going to bring the most happiness in this life. I believe that a lot of these things could be true but it goes much deeper than this. It is at the core of our nature to desire deep intimacy. This could be through romantic love, deep friendships or family relationships. But no matter how extra rated you are or infra rated you are, intimacy is what we desire.

I believe there are a couple of biblical reasons for this. The first reason why people are intrigued with deep intimacy is because we are made in the image of God. Alright, stick with me. Now, this article was not about the doctrine of the trinity. God is three persons, one in essence. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Making it hard to grasp that God is one yet three. OK here is my point. Before God created mankind, He was not in need of community or relationships because He already had deep harmonious intimacy within the trinity and within Himself. So when He created man, it’s not because He was lonely or was in need of anything but it’s because He chose to. Then He said let us make man in our own image after our likeness. We are made in the image of God; the triumph God.

So it only makes sense that for Adam being made in the image of God, it was not good for Him to be alone. Therefore, it’s only natural that we desire deep harmonious relationships with others. We are a hard wire to reflect what God is like. However, because of sin we don’t reflect that perfectly. In fact, we even make idols out of love and relationships to the point that they become even more important to us than God. So we search for our value in life through friendships, romance, intimacy and even sex. These things are not inherently bad but they only serve as a substitute for the one who created them. They are given to us, for us to enjoy them, but if we don’t submit these things to the manufacturer then we are bound to misuse and abuse them.IMG_1348

The second reason why people are so intrigued with love and relationships is because this is how God relates to his people. We long for love and marriage even broken and not so perfect virgins of them, because this is how God relates to His bride, His people. Again we are made to reflect Him. He doesn’t want to be in competition for that love with others. In fact, in the Old Testament when God’s people were worshiping other gods, He uses very sexual language to explain the betrayal showing and contrasting how our relationship should be intimate with Him.”You also took your beautiful Jewels of My gold and of My silver, which I had given you, and made yourselves images of men, and with them played the whore.” Ezekiel 16:17

Other religions see God as this deistic god that is far removed from this creation, or an impersonal being that desires to interact with His creation. But he doesn’t want to be referred to as someone who has vested in a personal relationship with His creation. But the true God, the God in the bible, is completely different. He desires a deep and intimate relationship with His creation. In fact He desired so much that when mans relationship with Him got broken because of sin, He made plans to bring us back to Him. In the same breath of condemning the sin that caused our distance from Him, He promised to send someone who would redeem us. Without this redeemer, there would be no relationship of God. Christ bridged the huge gap between us and God and without Him; we are without true knowledge of love and without the ability to truly give it.

Now, of course there are other broken replicas of it but it’s only when we have deep harmonious intimate relationships with God and we can truly know how to have deep, harmonious intimate relationships with others.

Whatever actions you choose to take today will always be accounted for tomorrow. So choose well. I hope this article impacts positively in your life. Thank you for reading.


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    1. It is awesome to get such a feed back.Stay blessed my brother.Keep the candle burning and shine a light in other peoples lives.


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